Project Description

On leaving the washer-disinfector, the clean (but not sterile) goods enter the clean zone for sorting, inspection and packing.
For these tasks, Getinge has a full range of practical and easy-to-use equipment that can be adapted to suit different requirements and capacities.

The Getinge 86-series Washer-Disinfectors are premium resource for your CSSD. Each model is easy to load, operate, and maintain, improving employee workflows for increased efficiency.
They are of high-capacity and can respond to anything from loading and unloading to program selection and completely automatic start! The result is not only reduced workload for staff but also less need for supervision.

Getinge Aquadis 56 is a fully automatic mid-sized washer-disinfector that can handle a wide variety of instruments and loads. The unique two-pump system uses water efficiently and effectively, minimizing utility consumption for your hospital.

It offers high chamber capacity in small physical footprint. Manual folding or automatic sliding doors increase flexibility in your facilities.

Getinge 9100E is a cart washer targeting hospitals, life science facilities and rental centers, all where there is a need for reliable and sufficient throughput of a large variety of items, such as transport trolleys, instrument containers, and other bulky items that cannot be disinfected in a traditional instrument washer-disinfector.

Getinge SMART is a line of carefully designed trolleys that takes loading and distribution of instruments to a whole new level, both in terms of ergonomics and function.
The trolley range is based on an ergonomic concept for efficient loading and distribution of goods with the highest hygiene and usability. Getinge SMART means top-of-the-line trolley functionality in every detail, from the choice of materials and surfaces to maneuverability, cleanability and ergonomics.