Project Description

After visual inspection, unclean items are either put straight on racks and loaded into the washer-disinfectors or manually cleaned.
Manual cleaning methods include soaking, or spray-gun rinse and/or ultrasonic cleaning before being loaded into the washer-disinfector.

Designed for use within soiled pre-cleaning areas in reprocessing units. Operation with deionized water and / or compressed air for fine-mesh instruments.

Modern design with easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces and wipeable keypad/display. For removal of heavy pollutants via 40kHz ultrasound.

The Getinge Clean detergent range includes state of the art formulations to handle the most challenging of instrument cleaning obstacles such as pretreatment, complex minimal invasive instrumentation, prion and biofilm. The products are easy to use and the symbols on them make it easy to learn when and where to use them.

An automated central dosing system maintains the correct level of detergent for up to 15 units. The system has several ergonomic and time-saving benefits for the staff.