Project Description

Getinge has a wide range of sterilizers in suitable sizes and models for different volume and material requirements. Getinge sterilizers are made for any in-hospital application. Available with steam system as well as LTSF and H2O2 low temperature process cycles.

Steam Sterilizers

A reliable and high capacity steam sterilizer that improves your throughput and reduces your utility consumption for a safe and efficient operation.
Getinge GSS67H sterilizers are automatically controlled, they are high efficiency, made with the latest technology and excellent quality materials.
Available in four sizes, with a chamber capacity of 450 – 950 liters. Its small outer width makes it easy to adapt to existing Central Sterilization units. Designed according to the latest technology, it achieves excellent results in 30% less program time compared to the previous generation of GETINGE sterilizers.

Solsus 66 is a steam sterilizer, combining capacity, footprint and cost-efficiency sterilization.
The chamber volumes (from 450 to 900 liters) ensure that you will always have available capacity for sterilization of your goods.

Low-temp Sterilizers

A sterilizer combining both steam and low-temperature sterilization (LTSF), depending on the load.
The Getinge GSS67F Sterilizer can process most kinds of goods, including heat-sensitive instruments such as endoscopes.
It uses steam and formalin (formaldehyde dissolved in water) to safely deliver proven results. It also has the standard steam sterilization programs at 134oC and 121οC

The Stericool sterilizers are Getinge’s technologically and yet affordable solution for low temperature sterilization. The sterilizers employ patented technologies to deliver rapid and safe sterilization for delicate, heat-sensitive, and moisture-sensitive instruments.

Getinge Smart Distribution Trolleys are designed for the effective, ergonomic transport of baskets and / or containers. They are used in packing areas in sterile zones, and for transport to and from soiled zones throughout the hospital. They are also used to store sterile goods.