Project Description

T-DOC helps improve our accuracy, efficiency and ability to deliver sterile instruments in the right quantity, at the right time and place for the next surgical operation.


T-DOC Data Logging enables a fully digital stream by providing digital storage of machine log data. Minimizes the need to store endless folders with data log printing, as well as manipulate data logging manually.


  • Optimize production and reduce maintenance costs
  • User friendly interface software
  • Real-time digital data recording

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In addition to T-DOC Data Logging, GETINGE offers the T-DOC SELECT and T-DOC 2000 systems.
These systems provide a complete record of sterilization and tracking of tools throughout their cycle within the Hospital.


  • Maintain a complete overview of sterile goods.
  • Record the use and maintenance of the tools, providing a solid basis for traceability.
  • Traceability of individual instruments.
  • Provide central and easily accessible data recording.
  • Wide range of automated processes, improving material management, increasing production, minimizing manual labor.
  • Ensure timely delivery of tools, minimizing the number of canceled and delayed surgical procedures.

T-DOC 2000 supports the creation of a unified information system for the hospital that extends to all areas of operation, enabling the exchange of information between departments, improving communication lines.